Professional music promotion photography



“I’ve known and worked with Krust for over ten years, first shooting him with the Full Cycle Crew (Suv, Roni Size and Die) in 1997.” Hacker tells us. “We also worked together shooting the cover and inlay images for his ‘Hidden Knowledge’ album in 2006. In fact, the ‘running man’ print from that shoot is hanging on my kitchen wall.”

So when it came to Hacker planning his 40th birthday party at the legendary Cosies club in St Paul’s he naturally got in touch with Krust to ask if he’d play.

“He was up for it. Krust also told me he needed new professional music photography images because he and Roni Size were planning to start playing out again, so we came to a deal.”

Krust wanted to shoot in a studio so Hacker suggested to first do a test. “I recommend to clients to split the shoot up this way because we can then review the style, lighting and ideas to make sure we’re all on the same page before spending money on a full day in the studio.” says Hacker. “Also, you usually end up with a few good images from the test shoot.”

The brief was for the photographs to have quite a styled, fashion based feel focussing on clothing and then a contrasting set of images which used coloured gels and a more technical lighting set up – a nod back to the ‘Hidden Knowledge’ shoot if you like.

Hacker used Band Studios in Bristol for the shoot and also chucked in a few outdoor locations as well.
“In more than 20 years of photographing people Krust is perhaps one of the funniest and most inspirational people I’ve worked with. He is creative, has an encyclopedic knowledge about everything and I love his outlook on life.”